About us

Our Story

Joplinfit is the name that wants to add the taste of fitness to your life. Being a fitness freak, the owner of Joplinfit wants to open a fitness club for people who want to live a healthy life. We started our journey with the dream to find the best fitness club in the town, where people can come and enjoy the best hours of the day doing exercises. For us Fitness club is not only our business, it’s our initiative to make people aware that fitness comes first. To live a healthy and wealthy life, you need to be fit, that’s why we are bang on there in the fitness industry. We want to change the mindset of the people, that fitness clubs are only for youth, no it’s for all those who want to change their life and spend some time for their good health. Today, Joplinfit wants to be a happy place for our people. And we are working with the motive of improving people’s health by treating the life-style related health issues. This is our story and we will add more fitness chapters in our story.

What Do We Do?

We Set a New Fitness Trend :

Today, our fitness club focusers’ on health issues and wellness needs of all age groups. We offer fitness facilities to children, youths, physically inactive adults, and older adults. With high-quality equipment, we are offering group exercise classes. And much more exciting amenities. We have set a fitness trend.

Your Fitness Buddy

We are proud to have good trainers. The trainers are trained to provide a spectrum of fitness programs and group exercise to all age-groups Joplinfit is full of high-quality equipment, which will motivate you to adapt fitness in your life.

We provide amenities at Joplinfit.

We help people to write a new chapter of fitness in their life. With expansive outdoor and indoor aquatics, on-site therapies, aesthetic and therapeutic treatment, we are serving amenities to our fitness lovers. Our priority is your health! That’s why we have different exercises, therapies at our fitness club.

We take initiative by organizing events.

We believe we should do something for our society! Joplinfit is always on the front foot when it comes to doing good for people. We are organizing events and shows that can contribute some donations for NGOs and Foundations. We are working with many NGOs foundations, local food banks, and many more and doing our best for humanity.

What is Joplinfit’s Vision and Mission?


Our Vision is to be the best Fitness partner and serve the community by treating the life-style -related health issues with proper exercise.


Our Mission is to be: the priority of people who want to welcome fitness in their life. We are dedicatedly working hard to make our fitness club the place to treat the people with good exercise.

Joplinfit Approach

To set an example for thousands of people, we need to be fit first! We want everyone to come and join Joplinfit and find a better version of themselves. We want our people to be an inspiration for many. That’s why with our therapies, exercises we are doing our best to make everyone fit. We are not a gym, we are working as a Health club that treats your health issues.